REC 2016 – Awards

And soon 4 days of festival have passed, 59 films were shown, 3 interesting workshops were given, Studio DA and the Zuckerwattenkrawatten-Kreativstudio even produced a film during the festival, youth from mediacenters of seven twin towns from Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg were guests and of course lots of filmmakers. And now the jurys made their decisions:

REC for Kids
In the jury were: Julia Ziegler, Andrè Hörmann, Jürgen Macpolowski

The golden Clip: „Super-Glue“
The silver Clip: „Neue Heimat Berlin – Die Turnhalle“
Honorary mentionings went to:
„There is a whole forest inside me“
„Une journée comme les autres“

REC Internationales junges Filmfestival
In the jury were: Matthias Heeder, Kordula Hildebrandt Christin Rössler

The Doku-Clip (given by the „International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film“) went to:
„Jag känner dig, Hans“

A golden Clip: „A good Christian“
A golden Clip: „Die Kunst, meine Familie und ich.“
The silver Clip: „Simply the worst“
Honorary mentionings went to:
„Saturday Session“
„What happens in your brain if you hear a German word like …?“
„Inklutanten 3“