Awarded Films 2019

REC – Internationales junges Filmfestival

The Golden Clip (age 16-20):
(Wie) Betäubt by Lilli Hildebrandt (Germany)
The film starts off playfully, describes the preparation for a party evening from different perspectives of the boys and girls. At the end of the night the accusation of rape arises. Without committing himself, he negotiates the subject in an impressive way. The film’s strength lies in the fact that it neither fills the central narrative gap nor imposes a judgmental perspective on us.

The Golden Clip (age 21-27):
Nioczekiwane (Unexpected) by Mateusz Buława (Poland)
Three months before the calculated date of birth in the premature infant ward of a hospital. What are the conventional expectations of a documentary on this subject? Nioczekiwane chooses a very special approach: muffled sounds, blurred images, the play of light and shadow. Through such subjectifying procedures and lyrical qualities, the film draws us into the perception of a space child not yet prepared for life on earth. Month after month the senses sharpen. The film is able to convey the effort it takes to come to life. A little masterpiece.

The Silver Clip:
Paul Wong: Breaking the Silence by Jackson Wai Chung Tse (Canada)
Paul Wong is an artist in Canada, of Chinese descent and gay. He has decided to give up his role as a model citizin and to live his otherness in his art and everyday life with self-confidence. The film succeeds in encountering Wong’s art at eye level. In his debut film, Jonathan manages to give the strong personality of his protagonist a cinematically adequate space. A promising beginning.

Honorary mentions

VokseVærk (Sudden Growth) by Sine Juhl (Denmark)
In „VokseVærk“ small clay figures experience the physical changes of growing up. Shown in all directness and compressed in time – as would be impossible in a real film – each figure must find its way between confusion, fear, anticipation and curiosity. Sine Juhl’s debut film is a universally valid, comprehensive and above all very cute cinematic portrayal of puberty.

Att tvätta för tre (From our Laundry) by Albin Abrahamsson and Jakob Eliasson (Sweden)
The film „From our laundry“ tells in a single uncut shot, sovereignly photographed, atmospherically coherent and in precise play of the actors, with the help of a sweater found in the laundry, the separation of the parents from the perspective of the eldest son. In just a few minutes, the film leaves deep impressions of a family drama without revealing too much.

Wir schwimmen (Swimming) by Georgia Bauer and Rahel Jung (Germany)
The last day of a long, hot summer, as always spent together in the open-air pool, sun in the long hair, the smell of chlorine water, chips with ketchup. Experimenting with the image and sound qualities and with a rhythmical feel, the artist who is familiar with the Smartphone recorded film a collage of memories of a friendship, until then the simple sentence „But we Skype“ suddenly makes it clear that nothing will remain.

The Docu-Clip
Camposanto (God’s Acre) by Pablo Diego Almudevar (Spain)
With „Camposanto“, Pablo Diego Almudevar creates an atmospheric image of loneliness and standstill. The actions of the protagonist almost seem to be slowed down by slow motion and yet the viewer remains excited. A life in complete seclusion without stress and deadline pressure? For many this is a paradisiacal idea. However, the film shows that this is not only dreamlike, but also hard work, repetition, loneliness and farewell. With touchingly beautiful pictures and interesting frames, the film captivates you and you are almost tempted to travel to the Spanish mountains to visit the place.

The Ziegler-Film-Förderpreis (sponsorship award)
Fred versteht from Kaja Bergmann (Germany)
Kaja Bergmann is a young filmmaker who has made a well-designed and exciting animated film that surprisingly ends in a hard real scene. For this we are offering an internship at Ziegler Film and are happy that she will be part of one of our next productions.

The Ziegler-Film-Matinée
A matinée in the Berlin cinema „Filmkunst 66“ is awarded to the films:
Dinomüll by Rio Marquardt (Germany)
Das Abendmahl by Harald Takke and Steven Takke (Germany)

A nomination for the international competition at Novemberfestivalen in Trollhättan, Sweden in November 2019, is awarded by Novemberfestivalen and REC Filmfestival together for the film
Wir schwimmen (Swimming) by Georgia Bauer and Rahel Jung (Germany)
Both directors will be invited, the travel costs will be covered by the Novemberfestivalen and the REC Filmfestival.

REC for Kids
– professional jury

The Golden Clip:
draußen by the „Schulische Film-AG der Freien Christlichen Schule Ostfriesland“, mentoring: Johannes Köster (Germany)
A particularly lively and exciting film. The children in the film set off together on an adventure in which they want to overcome their desires, fears and conflicts without adults. Each shows its own character. History, sequence of scenes and play convince. It feels as if the children have invented the story and story(s) they have shown directly from their experiences. As viewers we experience how the different motives prevent a common decision. Because we learn to understand the individual, it can nevertheless come to a good end for everyone.

The Silver Clip:
Real Fake by Benjamin Röder (Germany)
„Real Fake“ is a film that represents a direct reference to the world of the Internet. It describes an important, media pedagogical way of working:
If you don’t know how disinformation or fake news works, create disinformation or fake news. The students have succeeded in doing this in an exemplary manner with almost scientific precision.

Honorary mentions

Halloweenfeier by participants of a workshop of the association „Freigesprochen – Mediencoaching“, mentored by Sunny Bansemer and Marco Rentrop (Germany)
The film „Halloween Feier“ is a wonderfully lovingly realized example of cinematic remix culture. The successful hit of Namika, Je ne parle pas francais, became the basis for a completely different story, namely the planning and staging of a Halloween celebration. Everything is right here: camera, acting, even the singing is successful.

Mietkowe interwencje ewolucji tolerancji ekologicznego kaktusa
(The evolution of Tolerance towards the Eco-friendly Cactus)
by a children’s group of the „Children’s Art Centre“ in Poznań, mentored by Agnieszka Krajewska (Poland)
On the surface, this film is a successful example of a narrative that was created using animated film technology. But we would like to give this film an honorary mention for another reason: The decoration, the scenery and the light appear in a rarely good quality and thus surprised the jury.

Allerlei by Jonas Kammer (Germany)
In its mixture of cartoon and real trick, the film brings us into a world in which we viewers perceive the peculiarities of the things that surround us in everyday life anew. The story with its surprising ideas in animation and sound shows us food and kitchen utensils as little marvels that can be touched, viewed and processed into their very own meal – in this case into a funny and special film.

Ein tiefer Blick by a 5th class of the Konrad-Aghad-School and a 9th class of the Zuckmayer-School in Berlin, mentored by Leska Ruppert and Sina Ness (Germany)
Children from two classes in Berlin Neukölln took a very close look at the construction site on Karl-Marx-Straße with their camera for a long time. They conducted interviews with people who plan, work and live there and observed the hustle and bustle on and around the construction site. We learn a lot of new things. The filmmakers have also incorporated their own perspectives and fantasies into trick and movement sequences. The result is an informative, interesting and often witty filmic reportage. This mixture makes the portrait of a metropolitan place, which the children cross every day, a particularly successful example of film and media work at school.

REC for Kids
– Kids Jury

The Golden Clip:
Casting by participants of a workshop of the association „Freigesprochen – Mediencoaching“, mentored by Marco Rentrop (Germany)
A humorous film about Karma, with excellent acting skills and also well shot.

The Silver Clip:
Anonymos by Abi Harlowe (Irland)
The film is about a misunderstanding among teenage friends which quickly degenerates into a case of cyberbullying. This is an important topic for us, and we think this film reflects it well.

Honorary mentions:

Strašiak Rudko (Ruddy the scarecrow)
by Monika Chomová, Martin Valentko, Paulína Tessa Mrvová, Sofia Kocková, Barbora Valentková, Michal Kocka, Natália Ella Mrvová, Ema Kissová (Slovakia)
The jury likes at this film, how much effort is put into this stopmotion film, because it pays off.

Alles muss man selber machen by Jean-Luc Klaukien and Moritz Göbel (Germany)
„Alles muss man selber machen“ is a very funny beautiful movie, that shows how you can make a movie look different with just color and music.

Der Raub der Megamünze by a group of children, mentore by Sadek Asseily (Germany)
„Der Raub der Megamünze“ is a well-actored, funny movie about a criminal case.