Awarded Films 2017

REC Filmfestival 2017  – The Awards

REC internationales junges Filmfestival

The Golden Clip 1
That’s what friends are for
(Sweden 2016) Brynhildur Thorarinsdottir

The Golden Clip 2
(Germany 2016) Georgia Bauer and Rahel Jung

The Silver Clip 1
(Germany 2016) Victoria Schulz

The Silver Clip 2
Ava yatim mishavad
(Iran 2016) Erfan Almasi Koloor + Seyyedeh Tabassom Habibzadeh Doun

An honorary mentioning
The Autonomous Era
(Hongkong 2016) Iu Chung Hong

An honorary mentioning
Mammas Har
(Norway 2016) Maja Arnekleiv


REC for Kids

The Golden Clip
Cambia Menti
(Italy 2017) „Dante Alighieri“ High School of Modugno (Bari) and Girolamo Macina

The Silver Clip
(Germany 2017) Teresa, Samuel, Theo, Nils, Sofia (Grundschule Tennenbronn)

An honorary mentioning
The Way we survive
(Zimbabwe 2017) Thore Viktor Kohl

An honorary mentioning
Passt schon
(Germany 2016) Kita Gruppe Dürener Straße, Dortmund

An honorary mentioning
Die schwarze Hand
(Germany 2016) Creativ-Werkstatt – Jugendkunstschule für Kinder und Jugendliche

An honorary mentioning
(UK 2016) Brian Stojanovski and group (Young Film Academy)


The International Leipzig Festival for Dokumentary and Animated Film

gives the Doku-Clip to
Ein Moment bei unserer Großmutter      (A Moment with our Grandmother)
(Germany 2015) Jannis Alexander Kiefer

and an honorary mentioning to
Goldkinder        (Gold Children)
(Germany 2017) Lea, Sarah, Laura, Marcel, Sammy, Michelle, Tine, Lisa, Saskia, Glorian und die Filmemacherin Sigrun Schnarrenberger


The Ziegler-Film Förderpreis sponsorship award

goes to Tanja Hurrle for her film
Wer hat Angst vorm Abitur?      (Who’s afraid of final Exams?)
(Germany 2016)


The YCN Award

in age group 0–14 goes to
Come Home
(Belgium 2015) KIDSCAM Animation Studio

in age group15-19 goes to
Hana Hano Hanice
(Croatia 2016) Marko Bičanić and Karlo Vorih

in age group 20-27 goes to
The Love Story
(USA 2015) Evan J. Grothjan