Festivals 1992-2010

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The festival was founded 1992 by Jürgen Macpolowski, at that time the head of the „Jugendzentrum Clip“ (youth club Clip). The first „Berliner Medienfestival“ took place at the „PallasT“ in Berlin-Schöneberg in March 1992. We received 54 entries from Berlin and the Berlin region. It was not only videos, but also 16 mm films and slide shows.
Our concept at that time was to screen all entries, because for kids and youth it is a necessary experience to get a public response to their film and to receive as well praise as criticism.

Since 1992 our festival several times changed it’s name:
First it was the Berliner Medienfestival (1992 – 2002), then it was called Jugendmedienfestival (2003 – 2008) and since 2009 it is the REC Filmfestival with it’s two sections: REC for Kids and REC Internationales junges Filmfestival (= international young filmfestival).