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Impressions 2019

The Clips 2019: Gold, Silver and the Docu-Clip
REC for Kids with the moderator Heiko Martens
The directing-workshop with Lisa Zielke
The radio-workshop with Mario Prause
The jury talk with Rojin Haddadzadegan (moderation), Erik Lemke, Susanne Dzeik and Britta Hartmann

Tobias Rahm (mid) with guests from Novemberfestivalen:
Thomas Johnsson (left) and Torbjörn Jackson
The Kids-Jury gives an honorary mention to the team of „Alles muss man selber machen“
The audience at the awarding ceremony

The jury of mediapedagogics:
Ulrike Hemberger (mid) and Martin Riemer (right) with the moderator Detlef Fluch (left)
Jackson Wai Chung Tse from Canada wins a Silver Clip
The Silver Clip on stage
Farewell-brunch with the filmmakers
The team of the REC-Filmfestival 2019

The Awards

The awards ceremony began Saturday at 4 pm. Altogether 4 Golden Clips, 3 Silver Clips and one Documentary Clip were awarded, furthermore there were 10 honorary mentions.
Ziegler Film awarded an internship as well as a matinée for two films.
Novemberfestivalen together with the REC-Filmfestival awarded a nomination for Novemberfestivalen in Sweden, travel expenses will be covered.
And here you will find all the awarded films 2019

The festival is on!

From the 18th to 22nd of September the REC-Filmfestival Berlin takes place in the ufaFABRIK!
As always, we have a lavish programme, we show 79 films from 19 countries and offer exciting workshops.

In the morning from 9 to 13 o’clock we show the films for younger visitors, in the evening from 18 o’clock (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday from 19 o’clock we show the films of the filmmakers from 16 years. There is something very special about the evening film screenings: after each programme we ask our jury of professional filmmakers to come on stage and each jury member will then spontaneously give a brief individual feedback on each film. This can be praise for certain aspects, but also criticism. Of course, this is not yet a decision for a prize winner, these decisions will only be made on Friday night.

On Saturday at 14 o’clock there is the family program and at 16 o’clock starts the award ceremony!
At the award ceremony we will award Golden and Silver Clips to each age group, as well as special mentions and (in the age group from 16 years) the „Docu-Clip“ for the best documentary film, which will be awarded by the „International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film“.
Ziegler Film will be awarded an internship at a film production company and will also select a short film that will be shown in Berlin’s Kino Filmkunst 66 as a matinée.
Also nominations will be made for other festivals.

In addition to the film programmes, there will be exciting workshops:

  • Jurassic Park 8″ – We shoot trailers for fictional films with virtual dinosaurs, animals, elves and gnomes.
    (for participants up to the age of 15)
  • „Radio Studio“
  • Self-confident appearance as a filmmaker“ (for participants aged 16 and over)
  • „Directing & acting in feature films“ (for participants aged 16 and over)

Finally, there will be a brunch for all filmmakers on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. in the foyer of the cinema.

The current programme can be found here: REC Programme 2019

Everyone who has submitted a film will of course receive accreditation and free admission to all events. Also your team members, with whom you made your film.

More information about the festival, the program, the workshops and the location can be found here: Festival 2019