Awarded Films 2018

REC Filmfestival 2018  – Awarded films
REC for Kids
– professional jury

The Golden Clip
Please don‘t let me die on the street
(Canada 2017) Joshua Boxill, Lorna Phan, Daniele Pilloud, Brooke Pilloud
This film opens our eyes and echoes. The young filmmaker invites us to follow his protagonist. The film manages to open up a new perspective on a subject that is familiar to us. The protagonist is an active part of this process. In spite of his short, he succeeds in creating a dignified short portrait of this man with his great drama of life. The film convinced us with its filmic sensitivity and subjectivity.

The Silver Clip
Was wir lieben
(Germany 2018) Karla Mönnig, Tillmann Heide
Filmmaking is teamwork and we can see that here especially well! Seriously but with pleasure we take part in this working process. At the end we see a film that is dedicated to a big question and yet tells very personal stories. We experience young filmmakers with equal rights and experience how their different ideas and talents turn into a youthful film.

An honorary mention
Schönste Mutter
(Germany 2017) Fatima Haqdoost, Faesa Haqdoost
The young filmmakers and protagonists talk about their origins and future in a reflective and courageous way. The film shows the gaze of the young women and the enormous cultural change they are coping with in a simple yet precise way. A film that releases us with confidence.

An honorary mention
for the entire work of Studio DA (mediacenter in St.Petersburg)
Here, own ideas are perceived and promoted. The studio combines visual arts and different cinematic means from documentary and animated film. The children are encouraged to develop their own thoughts. What is home? What would I most like to do with my time?
Beautifully drawn, poetic short films with and for children are created.
The honorary mention goes to Studio DA for the films „The very busy day“ and „A lost home“.

REC for Kids
– Kids-Jury

The Golden Clip
(Germany 2017) Workshop participants (mentoring: Marco Rentrop + Sunny Bansemer)
– Current topic
– At our age (that’s why we can understand it)
– Very funny
– Well filmed
– Other type of video , because music video
– Well sung, not crooked
– well done

The Silver Clip
Artist Talk
(Germany 2017) Bela Brillowska, Rudi Zylka
– Very funny
– It’s ironic that parents live with her, not the other way around.
– Perfecting crosses is the goal
– Simply very funny even if not perfectly shot

An honorary mention
Das Phänomen
(Germany 2017) participants of the team „phänomenal“
– Very mature and serious
– Is about growing up
– Very well described
– Very current topic

An honorary mention
Hi~Siri! Oh No~ It’s Mom
(Taiwan 2018) Shuo-Heng Li
– Totally done great with plasticine
– Super creative scenery
– Topic was pretty funny.
– Very creative

An honorary mention
Kevin allein
(Switzerland 2017) Ivan Kesten, Bleron Bunjaku, Norah Kühne, Naomi Hollinger (
– Story really nice (with happy ending)
– Well filmed
– Well-actored
– Children our age
– Very touching

REC internationales junges Filmfestival

The Golden Clip 1
Push it
(Sweden 2017) Julia Thelin
Memorable pictures for a memorable story. „Push it“ tells a short excerpt of two teenagers with great precision. With a clever choice of cinematic means and a remarkable calm, this film brings us closer to the protagonists. Great young actors and a clear author’s handwriting far away from known clichés make „Push it“ an extraordinary film, to which we would like to award the Golden Clip.

The Golden Clip 2
(Denmark 2018) Vigga Wagner
A beautiful, tender film about vulnerability, loneliness, otherness – and love. With a great passion for imaginative details, the filmmaker takes us into the fragile and creative emotional world of her main character. The film succeeds in creating an enchanting atmosphere and touching our hearts through the almost perfect interplay of camera work, colour concept, music and stage design.

The Silver Clip
Der frühe Vogel kann uns ma
(Germany 2017) Lisa Zielke
The road movie shows intimate moments of women’s friendship between exuberance and serious conversation. The two women risk incomprehension and injury through their directness – without losing each other in the end. The film thrives on the successful montage of improvisations and the closeness to its characters.

An honorary mention
(Germany 2018) Paul Scholten
Like in a chamber play, the film condenses the global theme of migration onto the microcosm of German suburbia. Strictly framed images and clever direction convey a grotesque picture of the well-ordered everyday world of the residents. This world is in danger of being unsettled by the construction of an asylum seekers home. It is precisely the close focus on a few protagonists and the art of omitting that gives the film its great documentary strength.

An honorary mention
Fucking lejemordere i telefonbogen
(Denmark 2017) August Aabo
Due to the great interaction of all sections this film takes us into another world and takes the viewer on an emotional roller coaster ride. The individual visual language underlines the creativity of the filmmakers. A great trust in its actors and technically courageous decisions make this film in its radicality a special one.

An honorary mention
(Germany 2017) Fion Mutert
A very private atmosphere, which is held with strong consistency, makes this film an intimate portrait of a young clique. The filmmakers present the wishes and fears of the young protagonists in an unagitated and authentic way. The honorary mention therefore goes to „Jammerlappen“ and we hope to see more films from the young filmmakers.

The International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film

gives the Docu-Clip to
(Germany 2016) Isana Shahinas
The film deals with a place that is difficult to recognize as a living space. Ruthlessly and with few means, the filmmaker shows in this observational documentary the contrast between an emergency shelter for refugees and the noble goal of making a dignified existence possible for every human being.
An important cinematic examination of a circumstance that cannot be ignored.

and an honorary mention to
(Denmark 2017) Julie Herdichek Baltzer
With a skilful mixture of documentary and animated elements, the filmmaker leads us into a cruel and all too familiar chapter of European history. There she finds an unusual story about women who find their way around a man’s domain without much fuss. Impressively crafted.

The Ziegler-Film Förderpreis (sponsorship award)

goes to Adrian Sinani and Helga Raß for their film
Der Kanalarbeiter   (Germany 2017)
Making films is not an easy job. And as a viewer you rarely know who is behind it. „Der Kanalarbeiter“ shows in an impressive way what a young media maker can achieve on his YouTube channel, despite many handicaps.

and to Fion Mutert for his film
Jammerlappen   (Germany 2017)
Fion Mutert is a young filmmaker who shows with his film „Jammerlappen“ that he can tell stories in an authentic way and has developed his own handwriting. That’s why we give him an internship at Ziegler Film and are happy that he will be part of one of our next productions.