Awarded Films 2020

REC for Kids

The Golden Clip:

The dinosaur Rex goes on a search for food and finds something very unexpected: Friendship. Because of his friends, Rex changes his view on his current life. Adrián Expósito Díaz manages to tell this simple and universal story in an effective way, by impressively using the resources available to him. In this way he delivers a perfect example, that every successful cinematic narration is based on an original idea and its creative execution.

The Silver Clip:
INSEKTEFFEKT by Emil Schwarzenbach, Kilian Beierl und Tim Dinter

With clear camera angles, a fitting score, thought through set design and excellent acting, the film shows us an indispensability of insects for our daily food supply. The film encapsulates the importance of the protection of species and incidentally clarifies their influence on social justice in an original way. The documental credits confirm the great effort and immense dedication by all participants. An impressive realisation on a high technical level – Chapeau!

honorary mention:
THE SPEECH by 4. Klasse St. Martinus, Molenbeeck

Due to adverse circumstances a politician is hindered from giving his speech, while his female colleague has to suffer the consequences until she has had enough. Told in an anarchistic way, the film is nonverbally humorous, vivid, relevant for society and up to date – a great team achievement.

honorary mention:
ONE SMALL CHANGE by Cappabue National School

The students from Ireland address us in a direct way with their vivid music video and bombard us with with their good ideas, images, texts and faces. It’s about nothing less than the future of our earth and its protection. And there are many ways to start. One small change – big effects! They are right.

honorary mention:
OPERATION SMARTIES by Young Images e.V. Berlin

The praise complements to a team which succeeded in making a special genre film. It is about smarties and because the film and its makers take everything that they do seriously, we do as well and have a lot fun watching it. Because the gang of kids outshine a lot of gangs of criminals we usually see.

REC for Youth

The Golden Clip (16-21 years old):
CAUGHT ON TAPE by Luis Babst

CAUGHT ON TAPE poses the question of whether getting to know each other can be successful, even if the exact time of the end is already known. A video cassette shows a girl in an empty basement room. Ben notices that he can communicate with her on the tape. They become friends. But time is short. A calm, sensitively narrated film, which with its consistent implementation, impressively succeeds in dealing with the subject of relationship.

The Golden Clip (21-25 years old):
TOMS WESTERN by Inga Degenhard

A train station, two heroes, wide landscapes and a pony: TOMS WESTERN meets all the requirements of the genre and at the same time breaks the clichés: The film tells the dreams of a teenager with Down syndrome in the countryside. Without spoken dialogues and with creatively used film quotes, the film is equally a homage to the genre and to its hero Tom.

The Silver Clip:

When fear paralyzes, rationality does not matter. The makers of WHILE THAT HAPPENS have succeeded in taking the audience* into the inner life of Nico, an athlete with an anxiety disorder. The intimate play impresses with its simple and successful realization. In this film, an actor, a camera angle and a car are all that the filmmakers* need to make Nico‘s inner world perceptible.

honorary mention:

THE GRAY-AREA RAPE describes the gray area in the sexuality of a partnership between desire, urge and violence. With outstanding actors* the film creates a drama that allows the subject to be understood above all emotionally.

honorary mention:
PHOTO DE FAMILLE by Marius Langlois

Four people we never see in an apartment that contains hardly any personal references. With static images and a haunting off-voice PHOTO DE FAMILLE tells a dramatic family story. The images of the same apartment details over and over again describe the space and let the personal association of hopeless narrowness arise in our minds.

Doku Clip

The Doku Clip:
ALEXANDRIA by Ahmed Tag M.

ALEXANDRIA is a very personal documentary film that makes the author‘s identification with the melancholy of his hometown tangible and juxtaposes it with his own fate in the all-devouring metropolis of Cairo. The director has chosen a poetic form that uses few means to portray the attitude towards life in a very credible and authentic way, while at the same time the personal feelings become a parable of life in the modern age.

honorary mention:
PALUDIKULTUR by Swantje Furtak

Swantje Furtak finds a very creative way to illustrate her field of research vividly with filmic means. The video camera becomes a tool that documents the entirely subjective exploration of the subject area in a very refreshing way, and the montage brings the different aspects together in a narrative that is as exciting as it is entertaining.