REC for Kids is a section of the REC-Filmfestival Berlin with an open international competition for films by kids between the age of 6 and 12. A major aspect of this festival is not only to screen films for the child audience, but to make the reception of the films into a process of learning for the kids. Visiting the festival is meant to help the young audience to put the films into context and to interpret them. Likewise the language and the methods of film producing shall be made perceptible.
Therefore the festival provides multifaceted offers: The film programs will be accompanied by a qualified moderation, which will explain specific characteristics of the films and provide hints on important and exciting details. The moderation will clarify that it not enough to have actors and stars for a film, but that a lot of planning is required and that the impression of a film depends very much on the montage, which influences and manipulates the emotions of the spectators. This is basic knowledge for orientation in a world mainly influenced by the media.

The competition
The open competition with international participation has the intention to advance understanding and tolerance for the kids, to provide interesting stimulation for pedagogues and teachers as well as to make comparisons and contacts.
Filmmaking is an important step for kids in gaining media competence, but it is also necessary to reflect the own creations, to get praise and critics from audience and professionals and to have the direct comparisons to other filmmakers. At REC For Kids the young people can see the products of other young filmmakers in a focussed atmosphere, they get stimulated and into contact with others. With the competition the festival provides the incentive to participate with one’s own films and to face up to the criticism of others.
The jury consists of media educators and professional filmmakers, who will watch all the films together with the audience. For the jury also important are outstanding media education ideas. On the last day of the festival the jury will hand over the awards: the „Golden Clip“ and the „Silver Clip“.

The selection
It is important for our festival to screen a wide selection of imaginative, unusual, humorous and headstrong films. For us are not only the aesthetics and quality of films important, but also it the idea and approach.
Especially at the younger age groups films can only be realized with the help of dedicated media educators. In times of budget-cuts this is not a simple task for schools and media centre. Hence our festival regards it an important task to provide a platform for interesting media educational approaches and to dignify dedicated and special approaches.
We try to select a multifaceted range of fiction, documentary and animated films for the festival, so that there will be an inspiring, thrilling and multilayered program. It doesn’t matter which technique was used to realize a film, important are idea and implementation. So we offer for the kids – regardless of their budget, using their own style and experimental formats – to reach the public and a feedback.

The program
The program of the screenings will be divided into thematic blocks, adapted to specific topics (like bullying, environment, family, integration etc.) as well as to certain age groups (i.e. age 6 to 9 and age 10 to 12), so that these programs are well-suited for groups and classes. These film programs will be compiled with entries from different countries and age groups. Films in foreign languages will be shown with live performed voiceovers in German. If the filmmakers are present we will have a talk with them on stage.
On Saturday we provide a program for families, where parents can watch together with their kids a „best of“-program.
Each program features about 50 minutes of films and about 20 minutes for moderation and talk. The admission is free.

The workshops
In addition to the screenings the kids will have the possibility to visit a workshop about the reception of films. Here we offer to go into detail with selected films and make use of the possibility to screen the films again or at least parts of them.
The example of films made by kids of the same age proves to be quite encouraging for many of the young visitors to become filmmakers themselves. Our festival offers them the opportunity to make the first steps into that direction:
Individual guests and small groups can participate in an international animated film workshop, which will be supervised by renowned international artists. On three mornings an animated film will be produced and subsequently shown on Sunday during the awards ceremony. Admission for this workshop is free and registration can be made at short notice.
Two more workshops will supplement the festival: these workshops take place in cooperation with schools and will start several weeks before the festival with planning and conception in the participating classes. The classes will develop the films with the assistance of experienced media educators and eventually realize them during the festival on location.

Advice and support
Not only the winners of the competition will be motivated to participate again, but we also try to encourage in particular the less successful participants for further productions and offer them support.
During the festival we also offer media educational advice for kids, youth, groups and classes. For persons interested, who are residents of Berlin, our „Mediacenter Clip“ offers this service the whole year around. During the summer holidays the „Mediacenter Clip“ together with its international partners offers several international workshops, where the participating youths can realize film projects of their own choice.