Jury 2017

In the Jury for „REC for Kids“ (competition age 6 to 15) this year are:

Dagmar Jotzo
Dagmar Jotzo heads the north section of Jugendamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg. Grown up near lower river Rhine close to the Netherlands she early worked as free lancer for regional daily newspapers. Beside other professional activities she studied social work and educational science in Würzburg, Münster and Berlin. She is member of the editorial department of ‘Familienportal Berlin’, works with the editorial staff of Youth Welfare Office ‘KiTS-Aktuell’, is speaker of ‘Fach-AG Medien- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit’ of the Berlin youth welfare office and member of the federal committee of the regional youth welfare offices-public relations.


Cato Meßner


Luca Rössler
Luca Rössler, born 25.06.2005, living in Berlin/Zehlendorf. 12 year old Luca Rössler was student at Mühlenau Grundschule in Berlin Zehlendorf until July 2017 and is going to attend Fichtenberg Oberschule in Berlin Steglitz from September 2017 on. Luca is keen on animation and science fiction films. He himself films and animates elaborate Lego installations with his camera. Besides he is interested in nature and environment issues and is looking forward to work with Greenpeace. Last year he attended a NABU workshop about monitoring nature and filming. In a short film about wolves he participated as camera man.


Petra Sattler
Petra Sattler is working as camera woman and film maker on documentaries, with various broadcasting stations and institutions, for many years now (among others: „Fast ein halbes Leben – Drei Flüchtlinge in Deutschland erzählen“; „Die Billiglohnarbeiter“, WDR; 13 short films about the Polish Baltic Sea shore).
As a media pedagogue she worked on issues like mobbing, unconditional basic income and portrait in film and photo projects with children and youth.
Since her master thesis (2015) she is busy on new challenges regarding digital technologies and big data in the media educational field.
Internet: www.petrasattler.de

In the Jury for „REC internationales junges Filmfestival“ (competition age 16 to 27)
this year are:

Jeannette-Maria Giza
Grit Lemke
Zora Rux