Jury 2019

In the juries for REC for Kids (competition 6 – 15 years) this year are:

Jury of mediapedagogics

Uli Hemberger
I grew up in Mannheim, Germany, at the age of 15 where I already worked for the international film festival in the youth jury. In the same cinema room, packed together with the adult jury, we watched films for six days and discussed them so hot that they smoked. Since then, seeing films and making films has been my thing. In my first job as a social educator I worked with children’s groups and parents and learned how important it is to tell each other our stories and share our worries and dreams. This became my second profession as a documentary filmmaker. Turning the world around me a tiny bit for the better – but it is worth trying to understand people as different as they are. In my third profession as a professor I passed on my knowledge of film and media and encouraged students to try out and exchange ideas while shooting films – in day-care centres, schools, youth centres and many other places. Now I am looking forward to seeing new films, this time your films!!!

Martin Riemer
Martin Riemer is a Berlin blogger and media pedagogue who has been working with pupils, educators, teachers*, parents, grandparents and school administrators on the Internet for many years in and around schools. Often, short films submitted to competitions, such as a filmed, dancing ballpoint pen, are created with simple means. Or a tutorial on how to encrypt a secret language with Lego.
With his association Metaversa e.V. he won the Dieter Baacke Prize in 2016.
At https://martinriemer.schule he publishes articles on media history, media convergence, media education, media pedagogy and media forgiveness.
His current favorite video is „Over Everything“ by Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile.


Kids jury

Diana Stoffel
(12 years old)
I’m going to the 8th grade in Berlin Mitte. I have always watched a lot of movies with my sister. I always like to see new things. My hobbies are sports, drawing & handicrafts and Netflix.

Ronja Tenhaven
I am Ronja Tenhaven, 13 years old and live in Berlin.
I ride a horse, play the piano and recently joined the climbing club.
In my spare time I also like to meet with my friends!
I like watching movies and series, often I think about the actions and the individuals for a long time and always find it exciting to discover new things.

Noam Schwitzke
I am 13 years old and live in Berlin. I like to read and play the viola. I am especially interested in politics, history and natural sciences. I also like diving, but I don’t get to do it very often.
I don’t watch television, but I watch films and series on Netflix and videos on YouTube. I like to watch funny films with a lot of humour and a happy ending.


In the Jury for „REC internationales junges Filmfestival“
(competition age 16 to 27) this year are:
Susanne Dzeik
Britta Hartmann
Erik Lemke

This year are on the jury for the docu-clip (awarded by the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film):
Kim Busch
Lina Dinkla