The festival is running!

3rd day of the REC-Filmfestival

– 19th to 23rd of September 2018
– an international competition for films

– made by kids (6-15 years) and young professionals (16-27 years)
– 69 films from 20 countries

Latest information:

The lecture „From YouTuber to Filmmaker“ (Friday 4:00 pm) is cancelled

The program:

Wednesday morning we started with REC for Kids:
At 9 am and 11 am we showed a programme with films for kids. There were also workshops to make videos and radio reports yourself.

The competition of young professionals started on Wednesday evening:
REC – International Young Film Festival
At 6 p.m. the programme began with the films of the young professionals:
The „Shorts Kaleidoscope“ – 7 films from 4 countries

And at 20:15 the ceremonial opening began with the presentation of the juries, an overview of the topics and programme focal points and, of course, films.

we show programs for kids from 9 – 13 o’clock each day
and from 19 o’clock programs with films of young professionals.
There will also be exciting workshops

On Saturday at 14 o’clock there is a program with films for the whole family,
the big award ceremony starts at 4 pm – 10 prizes from 5 juries will be awarded.
Afterwards we show the award-winning films.

Here you will find an overview of the complete programme:
REC Filmfestival 2018 – program english

And this is how you get to the festival: ufaFABRIK

We are looking forward to see you!

We are selecting now…

The deadline for entries was on the 30th of June 2018. Nearly 700 films from 35 countries had been submitted, that is in total 91 hours. Now we are selecting the films. The program will be published here in August.

The REC-Filmfestival 2018 will take place from September 19-23 at ufaFABRIK in Berlin-Tempelhof.

Final Call

Only a few days for submitting films for REC 2018!
Deadline for entries is the 30th of June 2018!

For REC for Kids young filmmakers age 6 to 15 can submit films (filmmakers age 16 to 27 can submit at REC internationales junges Filmfestival). All topics, genres and length of films are allowed. Deadline for entries is the 30th of June 2018.

Further information: Submit 2018

The 27th REC-Filmfestival will take place in from the 19th to 23rd of September 2018.

That was the REC Filmfestival 2017

The 26th REC Filmfestival at ufaFabrik, from 20th to 24th of September 2017:
5 days of exciting movie clips and professional feedback, ambitious discussion and international contacts, as well as lots of fun and new experiences!

This were the Awarded Films 2017

For the program we had chosen 70 clips from 19 countries out of more than 700 entries :
REC Filmfestival 2017 – Program english

For freshest photos and information visit us on facebook

These were the awards 2017:
Silver and Golden Clips in two age bands (6-15, 16-27), the Doku-Clip (bestowed by Dokfestival Leipzig) and a traineeship with one of the next movie or tv productions of ZIEGLER FILM GmbH & Co.KG.
And the YCN award was given for the best european junior films. YCN (Youth Cinema Network) is a grouping of 25 European youth film festivals and media workshops, which held it’s convention at ufaFabrik, together with gripping workshops.

The jury „REC For Kids“ 2017 consists of kids with movie experience as well as professional media pedagogics and film makers:
Dagmar Jotzo, Cato Messner, Luca Rössler and Petra Sattler.

The jury for „REC International Young Filmfestival 2017“ were:
Grit Lemke, Jeannette-Maria Giza and Zora Rux – they watched all films at the festival, gave you a professional feedback and in the end made out the winners.


a video:   REC 2018 – Impressionen

and the Photos:

REC 2017 Preisverleihung mit Bezirksstadtrat Oliver Schworck, Moderator Joscha Stracke, Jury: Petra Sattler, Luca Rössler, Cato Meßner, Dagmar Jotzo

REC 2017 Preisverleihung: Torbjörn Jackson (Novemberfestivalen Schweden) nimmt stellvertretend den Goldenen Clip an für Brynhildur Thorarinsdottir

REC 2017 Preisverleihung: Iu Chung Hong (Hongkong) erhält eine lobende Erwähnung

REC 2017 Preisverleihung: Tanja Hurrle erhält den Ziegler-Film Förderpreis

REC 2017 Preisverleihung: Das REC-Festivalteam

REC 2017 – Filmgespräch: Detlef Fluch (Moderator) mit Jannis Alexander Kiefer (Gewinner des Doku-Clips)

REC 2017 Preisverleihung: Zuschauer

REC 2017 – Moderator Joscha Stracke

REC 2017 – Jury: Grit Lemke, Zora Rux, Jeannette-Maria Giza

REC 2017 – Zuschauer

REC 2017 – Vortrag von Frau Prof. Regina Ziegler

REC 2017 – Steadycam-Workshop mit Cindy Lehmann (CIMDATA)

REC 2017 – YCN Meeting

REC 2017 – Radioworkshop mi Mario Prause

REC 2017 – Workshop Animationsfilm mit Studio DA und Zuckerwattenkrawatten Kreativstudio

REC 2017 Filmgespräch: Kiezpfade

REC 2017 – Publikum



The deadline for submitting has passed

The 30th of June was the deadline for submitting films for the REC-Filmfestival 2017.
We have received more than 700 entries from 36 countries. Now we will need some time to view all the entries. Early August we will inform you, if your film is in the competition.

The REC-Filmfestival 2017 will take place from the 20th to 24th of September 2017 in the ufaFabrik in Berlin-Tempelhof. Here you will find further information

Only a few days left

On the 30th of June is the deadline
for entries to the REC-Filmfestival 2017

For REC for Kids young filmmakers age 6 to 15 can submit films. (Filmmakers age 16 to 27 can submit at REC internationales junges Filmfestival All topics, genres and length of films are allowed. Deadline for entries is the 30th of June 2017.

Further information: Submit 2017

And here is our flyer for submitting films (with information in English and German):
REC 2017 Flyer

The REC-Filmfestival 2017 takes place from the 20th to 24th of September 2017 in Berlin.