It’s time!

From today on you can submit your films for the REC – Filmfestival Berlin 2023!

Please use the submission portal with further information:

We are looking forward to your films!

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The most important at a glance

Films by young filmmakers up to the age of 25 can be submitted. All genres, themes and film lengths are permitted.

There is no entry fee.

The film registration must be done via the portal filmfestivals4u. (Films can also be submitted there for other youth film festivals).

The videos must be available for download. A link without a download option is not sufficient.

Files for download must be submitted in HD standard (1080p, 1080i or 720p) in h264 codec and must not be larger than 100 MByte per film minute.

Download links must be valid until the end of the festival.

It must be possible to download directly (with password if necessary), i.e. the download option must not be tied to a REC – Filmfestival Berlin registration with a service provider (e.g. Dropbox).

As we are a festival with an international audience and we would like to forward your films to international festivals, we recommend that you send us your films with English subtitles.

Conditions of participation

We invite all young filmmakers to submit their work to the festival. The festival is an international young filmmaker competition for works of a young filmmaker generation of pupils, teenagers and students aged 6 to 25.

We are looking for new films of all genres, lengths and formats: Experimental, Documentary, Animation or Feature, Short or Long Film.

The festival wants to show works that are imaginative, unusual, humorous, provocative and idiosyncratic.

Pupils, young people and students between the ages of 6 and 25 who have made films alone or in a group can take part; the decisive factor is the age of the filmmakers in the year in which the films were made. Each participant can submit one or more works.

The topics and lengths can be chosen freely. All works must have been completed after January 1, 2021. There is no entry fee. The film submission must be made as a download.

The festival languages are German & English. Since we are a festival with an international audience and we would like to submit your films to international festivals, we recommend that you submit your films with English subtitles. If the original language of the film is not English or German, the viewing copy should be subtitled in one of these two languages. Otherwise, please include an English dialogue list.

All films will be screened by an independent pre-selection jury, which will compile the festival’s competition program. The selection is not based on technical perfection, but on originality and independence of idea and cinematic realization.

The selected films are presented in individual program blocks, which are not arranged according to age groups.

Jury and prizes

An independent festival jury will award the „Media Clips“ during the festival. The jury will consider age groups in all decisions.

The decisions of the pre-selection jury and the festival jury are not contestable and will be communicated to all participants* by e-mail only, unless they are present in person.


Submission is possible online from December 15, 2022 until May 15, 2023 and is done via the portal filmfestivals4u. The entry form must be filled out online. By submitting, filmmakers* declare that they own all rights to the film without restrictions. Restrictions must be stated. The submitters agree to the publication of the data (e.g. festival catalog/program) and, if applicable, a film excerpt for promotional purposes (e.g. festival trailer).

Screening copies and uploads

Screening copies must be available for download together with the official entry form, as well as optional accompanying materials (e.g. texts on the content and making of the film) by May 15, 2023 (deadline). For downloads we need the files in the formats mpeg4, or h264 for viewing. (Please no gigabyte monsters, i.e. the file must not be larger than 100 MB per minute of film. If the movie is selected for the program and we need a higher resolution, we will contact you).

Download links must be valid until the end of the festival. A link without a download option is not sufficient. The download must be possible directly (if necessary with password), i.e. the download possibility must not be linked to a registration of the REC – Filmfestival Berlin with a service provider (e.g. Dropbox).

Information in the registration form

The information provided on the registration form regarding the program text will be used for the festival catalog. The text should have a length of min. 350 to max. 650 characters. The catalog editors reserve the right to make editorial changes.

All information given when registering a film, such as the year of production and the year of birth/age of the persons involved, must be truthful. With the registration and signature the regulations of the festival are accepted.

If the information provided in the registration form is not truthful – especially regarding the year of creation of the film and the year of birth of the persons involved – the selection / nomination for the festival and, if applicable, an award made by the jury may be revoked. This decision is made by the organizers and the supporting association of the festival and is not contestable.

Organizers and sponsors of the festival

The REC – Filmfestival Berlin is organized in cooperation with the Jugend- und Familienstiftung des Landes Berlin, the outreach gGmbH – Projekt Network and the non-profit association PUMA e.V. with its „Medienzentrum Clip“ (c/o Internetwerkstatt Netti, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz 11, D-12161 Berlin) and supported by Youth Welfare Office Berlin-Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

REC Filmfestival 2023

Films can be submitted again from December 15, 2022 –

for the REC Filmfestival 2023

Festival date: September 20th – 23rd, 2023

Please make a note of the date, write it down, write it in the calendar, learn it by heart, and if your film is screened here, we would be happy to welcome you personally at the festival. We look forward to all other guests too!

2022 REC for youth the winner films



Rafael Martinez Calle

The main character Jose spends the summer with his uncle and meets a man who arouses feelings in him that he had never known before. The film tells the progression of Jose and his uncle with beautiful, calm images and a very successful direction and acting. Along the way we are shown the beauty of Andalusia and the joie de vivre of Jose’s family. A beautiful film with impressive images, which tells with few words in a very touching way the emotional life of a teenager who has fallen in love.


Disconnected HeadGermany

Andreas Dürr

A film that uses a medium in a technically brilliant way which, in the story told here, becomes its own undoing. An exciting parable. A dystopian world from which there seems to be no escape, the player flees from the alien-controlled „transhumans“ and desperately searches for the exit. Yet he and his fellow players would only have to put down the „wrong heads“ to realize that they are already at home in freedom and life. This leaves us reflective.


Mein Bruder / My BrotherGermany

Mpower e.V.

My Brother is a glimpse into the lives of Hope and her friends. Hope is controlled by her brother and rebels against it. The film convinces with its authenticity and partly has a documentary character. In „My Brother“ an important topic for young people is taken up: heteronomy by the family. Through Hope, who defends herself against this, self-empowerment is also conveyed to the viewer. Thank you very much for this good and important film.

Honorable mentions

Unfertiges Land / Unfinished CountryGermany

Jonathan Schaller

A film as if from a single mould: visual language, dialogues and acting are wonderfully coordinated and staged.

„Unfertiges Land“ comes with an authentic, expressive ensemble of actors and an impressive leading actress and also offers a socially explosive content that makes the viewer think and which is emotionally touching. The father-daughter conflict is splendidly worked out. An impressive directorial work.

Great cinema!

Die WG

Manuel Boskamp, Sabrina DiekowGermany

A humorous testimony of time, a pleasant retrospective, from the perspective of today’s youth on earlier generations. The WG opens a platform from which one can take a look at political events as well as interpersonal relationships, and also at how, influenced by the spirit of the times, the feeling of „youth“ is changing. A dialogue between the generations is created, which is often neglected nowadays. A dialogue with surprising results: the youth of the old-68s is coming to life, and the burden of responsibility makes the 2020s seem very grown-up.

Take HeartGermany

Grundschule Tennenbronn, Lilith Jörg

The filmmaker has not only overcome the hurdles in the the main character’s mind, but in an extraordinary way produced a stop trick film that not only describes a parable of life and work, but has developed a very coherent look with detailed images. Thus, the self-made figures (dolls) fit ideally into the landscape and prove how the filmmaker’s camera lovingly brings together reality and fantasy world.

Magari Austria/Italy

Shari Ehlers

Magari is a beautifully filmed and acted (the actors:inside performance is outstanding!) portrait of growing up. Two young people in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, and are shifted for themselves. The film manages to develop an incredibly real feeling of life and asks questions of our time, how do we want to be and what are our dreams and ideals. 


Les Trois Portraits du Chaos Germany

Liselotte Séchet

When one manages to underline one’s own personality with such coherent, imaginative, unexpected and fitting images, to express one’s feelings so powerfully, then a film and the filmmaker manage to give courage to other people, to themselves and to the viewers. Courage for an uncertain present, even if one does not know when the finish line will be crossed.