Workshops and discussions 2014

Working with vDSLR cameras
Tobias Rahm gives an introduction to filming with photo cameras. What do you have to consider, what equipment makes sense for what type of shooting, what accessories do you need. And what about further processing. (depending on the participants can be held in English.) Free of charge.
Thursday, December 4,  4 p.m. (for 16 years and older)

Working with mixer and microphones
Detlef Fluch explains the basic functions of mixers and shows the use of a portable mixer, as being used on location. He will also explain types and functions of microphones: which microphone is best for which type of recording. Different microphones get tested and compared. (depending on the participants can be held in English.) Free of charge.
Friday, December 5,  4 p.m. (for 16 years and older)

Mobile Radio Studio
There’ll be one more novelty for his year’s festival: The Outreach Youth Radio will be present on location. From the altered urban bus „“, now a radio studio, reports about the festival will be broadcasted.
Interviews with jury members, film makers and audience as well will be conducted in this
bus. Guided by teachers from the radio branch, youth can try their abilities as reporters, editors and sound engineers. The bus will report from the festival from December 4 to 6 and YOU are very welcome to join in.
GskA Ltd., Projects Network + Outreach

The Festival Reporters are let loose!
They might interview you on camera, they might take pictures, maybe they write about you and post it online – these are our festival reporters. This year, Lichtspiele e.V. offers a workshop for teenagers that are interested in digital journalism. In preparation for the festival, they learn all about New Media theory, now it’s time to dive into the practical side of things.
Follow them at:
This project could be realised by the support of „Think Big“.

International Exchange with films from partner-cities
An interesting exchange with mediacenters in partner cities of Tempelhof-Schöneberg in Israel, France and Germany. With films and discussions.
Thursday, December 4,  2 p.m.

Following the Over-16 films of Lichtspiele’s programme there is time for filmmakers to network. How did you achieve those camera movements, light up the night scene and how did you manage to do these great …effect shots?
The Lichtspiele-jury will also be available for feedback and advice. In addition, there is plenty of opportunity to find out about possible routes into the industry: Filmuniversität Babelsberg will be on site.
Aspiring filmmakers, who have not submitted a film this year are also welcome. Please send us a short e-mail:
Friday, December 5,  8 to 10 p.m.,  Wolfgang-Neuss-Saal and Foyer

Do it yourself – Animation for kids
A workshop for children aged 6–13. Using different techniques (drawings and animated figures) children create their own short stories, guided by professional film makers of „Studio DA“ from St.Petersburg, Russia and the Zuckerwattenkrawatten-Kreativstudio. The films will be screened at the award ceremony on Sunday. Participation in the workshop is possible for the whole time, but also on one day only. Free of charge.
Wednesday, December 3 – Friday, December 5,  9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

In that workshop this film was realized, we screened it at the awarding ceremony: „Metamorphosis“